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Fully satisfy customer needs.
Fully meet the requirements of users.
Implement continuous improvement philosophy.

The direction


Quality Policy

1. The address Adisgrup, convinced that to ensure the success of your business is essential to establish and develop a Quality System, makes a commitment to establishing and developing this Quality System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 "SYSTEMS QUALITY MANAGEMENT ".

As noted at the beginning of this manual, our company is devoted to the following activities:

• Installation and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, Gas, plumbing and sanitation facilities.
• Assembly and maintenance of installations networking facilities against fires.
• Assembly and maintenance of installations Low-voltage electrical installations.

2. The General guidelines of the quality policy are the following:

Fully satisfy customer needs, both in regard to the quality of the installation work and activities that are concerned with the technical support and customer service. Therefore all our actions are developed with our customers, always ensuring compliance with its requirements, and legal and regulatory enforcement.

Fully meet the requirements of the users,by setting out the precise channels that allow them to carry out reforms established by the client.

• To implant the philosophy of the Constant Improvement with the aim to obtain facilities and maintenances that turn out to be increasingly satisfactory for our clients. For it one will try to develop in the whole personnel a mentality of constant it improves in his working place, detecting not only the failures and his reasons, but recognizing in time the potential failures and his elimination.

• To obtain the motivation of the whole personnel as indispensable condition for the future of the company. The direction is be fullly sure of the fact that the success of the company depends fundamentally on the action of his workers, for what it will put the means to achieve that the whole personnel feels motivated and takes part in the actions of improvement of the Quality.

Qualit politics serves as frame of reference to define the Qualit aims of the Company.

Adisgrup has the following classifications to realize the works for the administration in the following paragraphs:

• Air conditioning, heating and ventilation (Group J, Subgroup 02 Category E).
• Plumbing and sanitary: (Group J, Subgroup 04 Category D).
• Fire protection: (Group K, Subgroup 09 Category B).