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Our philosophy is continuous improvement, fully satisfying customer needs, for which we apply a quality and environmental management system

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Adisgrup centres his activity on the sector services (facilities) turning in leading company, on his market. His activity develops in the fields of: Building, Industry, Industrial Processes, Hospitable and Centers of Investigation.

about us

Adisgrup arises from the illusion of a group of persons related to the world of the facilities, for more than thirty years, of creating a company that satisfies the global needs of a wide business segment.
Adisgrup possesses a human group formed by highly qualified professionals and long experience, organized by specialities, the aim to develop and execute the activities that are realized, creating the maximum of empathy with our client, interpreting and doing our problem, of his needs and worries.

What we cover?

In Adisgrup the totality of the process is included. From the design and development, happening for the phase of supply, assembly and putting in march and with a follow-up of the functioning. To end we take charge also of the maintenance.


Installations of air conditioning

Air conditioning systems. Radiation heating systems. Heating and cooling by air diffusion systems. Thermal power stations. Industrial extraction and ventilation. Centralized control. Geothermal energy. Biomass.

Plumbing Installations

Potable water networks. Special water networks (soft, ro, deionized water, etc.) Production Central of special waters. (Pumping, driving) water supply facilities. Domestic hot water.

Sanitation facilities

Stormwater and sewage.

Fire protection facilities

Detection systems. Extinguishing water systems. (fire hydrants, fire hydrants fitted, sprinkler) CO2 extinguishing systems. Production of water for endangered plant.

Installations of fluids

Compressed air networks. Production of compressed air systems. Networks of liquid fuels. Steam networks. Industrial water networks.

Electrical installations

Medium and low voltage distribution lines. Processing centers. Generators. Switchboards for power and manoeuvre, automatisms and regulations and lighting. Facilities of telecommunications, public address, closed circuit television, security anti intrusion. Electrical installation in operating rooms, technical panels and headboards.

Other installations

Gas Installations
Industrial refrigeration Installations