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The new winery, located at the foot of Sierra Cantabria and next to the Ebro valley, has been built on a rectangular plot of five hectares in which has built a complex of three buildings with more than 9,000 square meters built. The winery consists of three main naves (processing, aging and expedition) separated between them to provide them with each of their specific needs.


Process and climatization:
Generation of cold with 3 chillers condensed by air of 150 kw each with a total of 450 kw. Pumping in primary at constant and secondary flow at variable flow.
Generation of heat with a boiler of condensation of 200 kw and another boiler of biomass of 220 kw.
System of contribution of cold and heat for wine production process (fermentation and homogenization).
Air conditioning units for winemaking with temperature and humidity control.
Office air conditioning, laboratory, primary air and vip dining room with climate control and fancoils with temperature control.
4 cooling chambers with 46 kw / ud. Conditioning the fruit at 5ºC.
1 70 kw finished product cooling chamber. Conditioning at 15ºC

Management system:
Control of the generation of cold and hot water.
Wine production control system (cold and heat) for 45 wine production tanks and 10 microvinification tanks, 8 homogenization and 3 tanks. Monitoring and possibility of manipulation in situ.
Temperature and humidity control system for barrel rooms, bottle rack, historic bottle rack and offices.
State of lighting circuits, AF / AC pressure groups, pumping well states, fire group.
Energy efficiency and consumption accounting of production equipment.
Control of the solar thermal installation.

Plumbing, sanitation and distribution of osmotized water.
Production of ACS by means of solar system or with support of boiler.
Sanitary equipments.
Installation of compressed air.
Fire extinguishing system.

Electrical and control installation:
Electrical installation of the air conditioning and control system.

Special Instalation :
Co2 detection system in wine production areas.