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Ámbitos de actuación

We work in a wide range of services. Specialized in HVAC and plumbing installations, where we cover the design and installation of air conditioning systems, heating systems, centralized controls and many others We install servicios.También downs, Gas, and fire protection.

We design electrical installations with distribution lines and low voltage, transformers, generators, electrical panels, ...

We are ready to meet your needs and make a design plan and comprehensive installation for each customer. Please contact us.

Installations of air conditioning

Air conditioning systems
Radiant heating systems
Heating and cooling air diffusion
Thermal energy production plants
Ventilation and industrial withdrawals
Centralized control

Plumbing Installations

Potable water networks.
Special water networks (soft, ro, deionized water, etc.)
Production Central of special waters
(Pumping, driving) water supply facilities
Domestic hot water

Sanitation facilities

Stormwater and sewage
Systems of sewage pumping


Supply Systems
Detection Systems

Fire protection facilities

Detection Systems
Water extinguishing systems. (hydrants, fire hydrants equipped sprinkler)
CO2 extinguishing systems
Central water production for extinction

Installations of fluids

Compressed air networks
Production systems of compressed air
Liquid fuel networks
Vapor networks
Industrial water networks


Design and development
Energy optimization, ecodesign and modernization
Supply and assembly
Start up
Performance monitoring


Medium and low voltage distribution line
Processing centers
Switchboards for power and manoeuvre, automatisms and regulations and lighting
Instalaciones de telecomunicaciones, megafonía, circuito cerrado de televisión, seguridad anti intrusión.
Instalación eléctrica en quirófanos, cabeceros y paneles técnicos.